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search by layer in map service

Question asked by nymoen on Dec 29, 2016

I created a webmap in ArcGIS Online, and added my feature service used for editing, and also added a map service from my ArcGIS Server (using ......./rest/services/Field/Elnetwork/MapServer ). 

Then I configured the Search for Layer, and selected a layer from my map service.


I open the webmap in Map Viewer, and my search works perfect.

I open the webmap using Explorer on my iPhone, and the search works perfect.


But then I open the webmap in Collector on my iPhone, and the search does not work!!!
It return "No result found".


So Collector does not support search for layers from a MapServer.


The only way is to add layer by layer from a MapServer.


Collector version 10.4.2 Build 1559 for iOS.