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Image Service in ArcGIS Online does not let me zoom in past level 19

Question asked by pk_davidson on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by pk_davidson
Branched from an earlier discussion

Hi Kelly:

It is the new Image Service I published that disappears when zooming in beyond L19. 


The two imagery basemaps (one with labels and one without) that Esri publishes will zoom in beyond L19 but it's just faking the zoom, which is fine.  I mean, it's not increasing the image resolution, just some type of resampling, correct?


That's what I want my published layer to do, to zoom in beyond L19 using a dynamic layer just so the imagery stays there, even if dithered beyond recognition  ;-)


I typically use the Streets basemap or the Esri Imagery.  However, I believe the Esri is at 12"/pix? and we're down at 6" so...


Sorry for the delay, I thought I had posted this but when I checked, I had to recover the post from 11/22.  Didn't realize I've sat on this for a month.  But I just stood up a 10.5 stand alone Image server so I'm ready to get back to solving this.





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