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Quering all layers for a point on the map

Question asked by on Dec 29, 2016
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I keep getting the same request from different users for a way to query multiple layers on a specific point of geometry on the map.. There are some great solutions like the enhanced search Robert Schmidley have made but non of this solutions enables quering all visible layers and showing them together in a clean convenient way. The table widget for example, shows only one layer at the time and not all open layers are shown as tabs unless you actually pick them to show up.


The problem is, the application contains dozens of different layers and services and one of the most commonly used feature is the map stabbing on a point to query layers for information - through a popup window.


I couldn't find an option to turn the popup window for all layers automatically and I believe it's just wrong not to have this behaviour as default! Once you enable a popup window just partially, not for all layers, it creates a very misleading user experience. The popup window doesn't specify which layers are queried and it's unclear if the result is relevant or not.


I made the popup window option available manually for a dozens of layers and at some point the app' just crashed! so I understood it's too heavy to handle manually.


A better solution I could think of and not sure if or how it's possible to implement, is to show in the popup window the list of layers which were queried! It might be a very long list but it's better than showing nothing at all!


And if not that, another thing I can think of, is enabling the popup window more easily without the need to navigate your way through the layers widget.. it's just made wrong in my opinion


The bottom line for the users, is that they request the ability to investigate ALL layers in a specific point.. I couldn't find a decent way to enable this.. not with the popup window and not with the data table widget that shows layers in tabs..


Anyone experienced this problem and have a solution of some kind to suggest?