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Understanding ArcGIS Client ID

Question asked by TLongSUGF on Dec 21, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2016 by TLongSUGF

I am trying to understand the ArcGIS Client ID (AppID).  Here is my issue.


I followed the instructions at Applications | ArcGIS for Developers to create and register an app (lets call it App One) and acquire a client id.  Once I have the client id I go into AppStudio and paste the client ID into my app I am creating in AppSudio (lets call it App Two).  


App Two, created in AppStudio, is Survey123 with no modifications (yet).


I do plan on signing in with Portal.


 I am able to cloud make the app successfully using all of the other settings (apple cert, provisioning file, bundle ID and URL Scheme).  


When I cloud make my app, I now have 2 apps in my AppStudio account.  App One and App Two.  App One is registered with my Client ID while App Two is not and I receive an error when I try and register it, (There was an error registering your application).


Furthermore I do not understand why I create a first app for the client ID to use in a seperate app (App Two).  Also, when I side load my app on my iPhone, I receive the error. Invalid client_id error:400 and am unable to log in to my ArcGIS Online Account or any of my portals.


Can someone help me understand and solve this error?