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VRP - how to enable a truck to unload at a Route Renewal Site and go to its End Depot site empty??

Question asked by davidvidovic on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2017 by luisdelvigom8

Hi, I originally placed this question under the Idea Suggestion category, but I am also looking for a solution or workaround if anybody can help?!!



My context:


I have a waste pickup truck that Starts and Ends at Depot "A"...Depot "A" is only a truck depot where the truck is parked - it is not an unloading site. 


I have established a separate Route Renewal site and associated it with the truck - this is the only location where the waste can be unloaded at.


So, I need the truck to leave Depot "A" > pick up waste quantities from the orders > go to the Route Renewal Site to unload > return to Depot "A" empty.


However, the VRP solver always picks up waste (whether or not it has been to the Route Renewal Site) on its way back to Depot "A". As mentioned, I don't want this because waste cannot be unloaded at Depot "A".


ESRI explains this here

From: ArcGIS Desktop Help 9.3 - Solving a vehicle routing problem

"For a route that has no renewal visits, its pickup orders (those with nonzero PickupQuantities values in the Orders class) are unloaded at the end depot. For a route that has renewal visits, only the pickup orders after the last renewal visit are unloaded at the end depot."


There is currently no parameter such as [DepotCapacity] for each Depot for a Vehicle Routing Problem. If there was, I could set [DepotCapacity] = 0, to prevent any pickups on the final return to Depot "A".


If anybody has any suggestion or workaround to prevent orders being picked up on the way back to the End Point, please help!!