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10.3 Install/License Assistance

Question asked by sttammany911 on Dec 20, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2016 by sttammany911

Hi everyone,

Due to turnover within my dept, I’m left with an install/license situation I’m not completely certain how to navigate. Any feedback on if I’m heading in right direction, missing key procedures, etc…would be greatly appreciate. We are entering into an Enterprise License Agreement within a matter of days and existing licenses will expire soon. I simply want to update the license for ArcServer from existing to the ELA license and maintain our current ArcServer version. The following is my simplified work flow and thought processes:


Pt. 1 (Server)

-Since our server is on a single machine, launch authorization wizard and input ELA license

-Install and configure web adapter (currently not installed) consistent with our server version

-Make catalog connections to server

-Server update complete


Pt. 2 (Portal)

Our goal is to better leverage sever for fieldwork and clients viewing services via apps, maps, etc…This is a long term goal, and Im not familiar with some Portal install components. So, I may hold off up the Portal install until we update to 10.5 later in the year:

-Install and authorize Portal for ArcGIS

-Install web adapter for Portal

-Access/configure Portal


Pt 3. (Desktop)

We have two machines running Single Use Desktop Standard licenses. We would like to maintain the current version, but upgrade to advanced with a few new extensions:

-Backup current connections and workspace environments

-Install Desktop Advanced for current version

-Input licenses via license administrator for Desktop and Extensions

-Reset Desktop connections/configurations


Again, any feedback on this proposal, better options, problems with plan, etc… is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. (Posted on Desktop Install and Server forums)