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Why content cannot be shown in a frame?

Question asked by Msilva15 on Dec 21, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2016 by OEvans-esristaff
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Hello there;


I am new to ArcGIS, so please bare with me if my questions are too basic. I created a web mapping application using the Story Journal template.

I created differentiate sections and all but two cannot display its content in the Main Stage, the side panels are ok though.

I am getting the following message after failed attempts to upload the maps:

"This content can't be shown in a frame

There is supposed to be some content here, but the publisher doesn't allow it to be displayed in a frame. This is to help protect the security of any information you might enter into this site

Try this

 Open in a New Window"


Would you please tell me why is this happening and how can I correct this error? I made all the maps I have created public, thinking that permission in one of those could be the culprit.


Thanks in advance for your help



PD see below the map in question