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Newly split polygons not labeling

Question asked by mbarron on Dec 20, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by mbarron

I have been unable to find any other discussions that address quite this issue so far. My problem is that when I took a large polygon or two and split into many smaller polygons (a new subdivision), those new polygons have not labeled.


I have tried switching to Maplex engine and back. Yes the labels are turned on - all pre-existing polygons surrounding my work area are still labeled correctly.


Yes the expressions and settings for labels should be correct to my knowledge - this was set up before my time here and has never been an issue. I did check the expressions and they do include the right attributes. In this reasoning, other settings like scale ranges and label weights should not be an issue. NOTHING was recently changed.


I saw one person comment elsewhere that they recommended converting the labels to annotation and placing them manually but that is definitely not an option here; WAY too much data and too many labels and it would not work for our needs.


I looked into the Repair Geometry tool but read that it is redundant if I am using an SDE database, which I am. I reconcile and post my version daily so that should not be the issue. It has been a week now and my supervisor has pulled up the same data on his version and MXD and sees the lack of labels as well.


This is mind boggling to me, though I am certainly no expert. I should be seeing 2 forms of parcel ID, the lot numbers, and the area in 2 units. This is displayed without issue on other parcel polygons but ArcMap is not pleased with the new ones. Perhaps I have angered the beast.


My next effort will be to simply Save As a new MXD.


Update: this did nothing. I got a bit hopeful, though really I'm not surprised. It clearly isn't MXD specific since my supervisor had viewed the same issue from his computer/MXD/version.


I'm a wee bit concerned that it will be some sort of bizarre glitch in the data itself and that I'd need to redo the entire split. However this has been 2 full days' work and doing so would likely set me back another day.