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Spacial Join closest line with a certain angle. Is it possible?

Question asked by jcmlpt on Dec 20, 2016
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Is it possible to spacial join a line feature set to another line feature set by proximity (closest) AND angle (ignoring all lines that have an angle/direction difference higher than X)?


From what I read about the Spacial Join Tool it seems it can only do the first, but wanted to check with those with more ArcGIS experience.


If it's indeed not possible, I 'm having doubts what the best solution would be:

1- Join each line with all that are within a certain distance (keeping the angle field of all) and then calculate which one has the most similar angle - but since I want to know the closest line that's in a certain angle interval in relation to the target line, I think this could give me the wrong results (especially as the distance radius increases)

2- Make and merge several Spacial Joins (closest) filtering the target feature ( angle=n ) and join feature ( angle=n+-x ) and just chose a x and go from n=0 to n=359? But I don't how to code this.