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Using .tpk from Portal for ArcGIS in Survey 123

Question asked by uipodos1488 on Dec 20, 2016
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Good Afternoon!

Can anyone help me with the problem related to connection between Survey123 and Portal for ArcGIS?

The problem is: I have .tpk file which is hosted on our company`s server (with the use of Portal for ArcGIS). We need to upload it online while using Survey123. This tpk is already associated with the survey (code snippet is already in survey`s .info file). When I open map in the current survey I see the required .tpk in the list of Maps (link to the Portal is correct), but .tpk is not displayed (only the gray background)

What is the problem?

Esri layers or Google Maps (from the example above) are displayed well, the  only problem is with my .tpk layer. I have already checked extent of the map and some related features.


Hope to see any feedback.