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Using a conditional statement in Survey123 to calculate two different equations based on choice of question.

Question asked by lawilliams on Dec 15, 2016
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I have a large survey whose questions display depending on the user's initial choice of a YES or NO question. If the user chooses YES, then the survey questions display and the total points from those questions the user fills out is added up in a total. If the user chooses NO the form calculates an automatic 55 pts.

Based on the sample statement provided in Survey 123's help:

if(selected(${question_one}, 'yes') and selected(${question_two}, 'yes'), 'yes', 'no')


Here is what I have so far, however I get an error each time I try to refresh the survey:

if(selected(${Fil_Srvy},’yes’) and selected (${Fil_Srvy}, ‘no’), ‘(${UTM_yes_no}-(-${MOBG_pts})-(-${Third_Party_BP})-(-${No_Third_Party_BP})-(-${Revenue_pts})-(-${Third_Party_WC})-(-${No_Third_Party_WC})-(-${Third_Party_Taxes})-(-${No_Third_Party_Taxes})-(-${Third_Party_BP_NoMtngs})-(-${No_Third_Party_BP_NoMtngs})), ‘55’)

So you see, what I am doing is asking it to add the particular fields in the total field if YES and if NO, then just display 55 points.


Thank you for all your suggestions and advice in advance.