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Print extent problem when printing include extent with "international date line"

Question asked by piterpaulppp on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by huihuier



We noticed a strange problem:


We created additional print service to print our web map.

It works ok except extent problem when printing a map with extent including "international date line" (or +/-180 (dateline)) (or the horizon of the coordinate system) - (it ok for Europe or Africa).



We zoom in on our web map to see only New Zealand (include "international date line" or what is a correct name?)

Press print - the printout has wrong extent - include all world.


Even we do NOT include our own data (switch off all data layers) and print ESRI basemap - the extent is still wrong.

We set in mxd template

-> MainMap -> Properties ->CoordinateSystem: WGS 84 Web Mercator auxilary  wkid: 3857.

-> MainMap ->Properties->DataFrame->Extent-> Automatic


Any help please.