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Why are severe errors showing up when doing a rematch using a geocoding service?

Question asked by sondickerson on Dec 15, 2016

When using our composite geocode service in ArcMap, the log files fill up with the following errors when the user runs the rematch.

Method failed.HRESULT = 0x80004005 : Unspecified error .

Request with this name is not supported


I set the logs to record debug information and this entry occurs before the Method failed error:


.\CompositeLocator.cpp(4678): CHECK_HR((_ParallelCompositeLocatorMatch( getMappingsMethod, matchMethod, backupPlan, pInput, ppResult))) failed in long __cdecl CompositeLocator::_CompositeLocatorMatch(void (__cdecl WL::* )(class Mappings *&,class Mappings *&),long (__cdecl IAddressCandidates::* )(struct IPropertySet *,struct IArray **),struct IPropertySet *,struct IArray **,int,long (__cdecl *)(struct ILocator *,struct IPropertySet *,struct IArray **))


Has any one had the same type of issue and come up with a resolution?


Thanks very much.