pass data to Survey123 note or hidden field not working

Discussion created by dbecker88 on Dec 14, 2016
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ArcGIS online popup config, custom attribute display.


I included a link to survey123 in the correct format, but I cannot pass data from the clicked feature to any survey123 fields that are type: "note" or "hidden".



I checked the schema field type of the hidden and note field and its string, this matches the feature service attribute type.


passing data to a survey123 type: "text" field works fine, but it has to be editable, i.e. read_only = "".


I'm just trying to link clicked features to forms, WITHOUT the field being editable in survey123. If you pass a string to a type: "text" field in survey123 it works, but what happens when the user edits that field...you no longer have joinable data.


This is why I wanted to pass a value to a hidden or non-editable field but I just cant....


any ideas?