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Creating a Geological, Shear Wave, P Wave, Density Model with ArcGIS

Question asked by erbaker2012 on Dec 14, 2016
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I am attempting to create a 3D model for my master's degree project. I want to create a 3D map where a user can go to a latitude, longitude, and depth to select a point which contains details about the geological layer, shear wave velocity, p wave veolcity, and density at that point. 


My data is already generated from a Matlab program. The output excel file contains columns of latitude, longitude, depth, Vs value, Vp value, density value, and unit value. So every row is like an individual point in space with attributes of Vs, Vp, density, and unit. This results in several thousand individual points. The unit attribute is a whole number that ranges from 0 (air) to 8 (bedrock). Attached is an example spreadsheet of my data.


I want to make my data somewhat continuous, by interpolation or other means that I do not know about. However, since my data is only point data right now, I am not sure how to accomplish this while maintaining my ultimate goal (going to any lat, long, depth, and viewing the Vs, Vp, density, and unit at that location). I would also like it to be easily visualized.


I am just a beginner at ArcGIS. Does anyone have a simple way of explaining to me how this could be accomplished? Thank you!