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Next week the concurrent user license model is going away, what is everyone going to do?

Question asked by LauraKJ9 on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by relkins-esristaff

Next week ESRI is going to completely phase out their concurrent user licensing model and replace it with a named user license model. So if you upgrade to 10.5, or want to add more licenses to your current batch, then the concurrent licensing completely goes away. This is a huge problem for us because we have 300+ users who are already fighting over 96 floating licenses. 


As a result, we are re-thinking our GIS infrastructure and whether we should develop more of a web-app vs desktop-software environment, and if that web-app environment should be a combination of AGOL & Portal or something else entirely. At this time we heavily use the software Geocortex Essentials for deploying web apps, however I’m not sure if we will continue down this path. We currently have 12 servers deployed for various purposes (Dev/Test/Prod: GeoEvent, Portal, ArcServer, Geocortex) and are trying to optimize our infrastructure as we keep expanding. We are playing with AGOL, but finding it has limitations such as integrating with Active Directory. We've looked into going the Portal route, but for us we are limited to only 100 individual logins for non-public apps so we'd have to consider some options to get around this such as creating a generic login for each department. Maybe that would be the least painful?


We are interested in engaging other cities to share and learn from each others experiences. We would like to learn more about your GIS Server infrastructure, and if ESRI’s license purchasing change will affect you similarly? I’m trying to gather information on what would be best moving forward, and I would really appreciate any advice/insight/previous experiences & pitfalls you may have. Anything at all! 


Edit: FYI the information in this post regarding the concurrent licensing change was relayed to us via our ESRI Rep who was at our office today - Tuesday 12/13/2016.