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Error printing webmap with print dijit that contains services from different hosts

Question asked by vandervoort on Dec 13, 2016

The error:

{"error":{"code":400,"message":"Unable to complete operation.","details":["Error executing tool. Export Web Map Job ID: j56ff7247723a48e89f247ed4dfbb5d70"]}}

The scenario:

  • Local on-premise Portal for ArcGIS with federated ArcGIS Server
  • Webmap which contains secured and shared on-premise map service and a remote secured map service. The remote map service is from ArcGIS Server that is not federated with their Portal for ArcGIS
  • The local on-premise print geoprocessing service uses the same security as the local map service
  • A resource proxy is used for both services - on-premise and remote.
  • The local map service uses OAuth2 available via the proxy:

<serverUrl matchAll="true" url=""

  • The remote map service uses token authentication available via the proxy:

<serverUrl matchAll="true" url="" username="TheirUsername" password="TheirPassword!"/>

  • The JSAPI code adds the proxy rules via esri/urlUtils:

urlPrefix: "",
proxyUrl: ""
urlPrefix: "",
proxyUrl: ""

  • The URL via the proxy returns with the response above:… 

  • When I connect to the respective REST catalogs I can successfully export with map services to graphic output.

The webmap is created using the usual arcgisUtils.createMap method. The print dijit is created using the method shown in the sample: 

Print webmap | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.18 

In fact, if I modify the code in the sandbox to consume my webmap and use my proxy, it successfully generatesthe print if I use the Esri-host print geopocessing service. If I use my locally-hosted print geoprocessing service, the print fails with the same error shown at the top.


So the question is, why can I not do this from my on-premise AGS + Portal?