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RuntimeLocalServer memory consumption on Intersect

Question asked by bbirbo2008 on Dec 12, 2016
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We are intersecting large amounts of features form a filegeodatabse from a python script and we are using 64 bit background proccesing. The machine has 16GB Ram and 12GB available when the script starts.

The issue is that the Intersect tool fails to run sometimes, especially when it has previusly run once.


We have observed that the RuntimeLocalServer.exe instance consumens too much memory reaching 12GB and then tool crashes. 


Each time the script crashes the RuntimeLocalServer.exe memory consumption is about 3GB (it seems to be leaking memory)


My questions are:


1-) What is the maximum abount of memory that RuntimeLocalServer.exe is allowed to use ?

2-) Is the Intersect tool expected to be so much memory hungry ?

3-) What are the best practices for managing memory in such cases when there are multiple tools running in the python script ? How should we clrear out the memory from the previus tool ?


Thanks in advance.