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How to get FeatureServerInfo

Question asked by educos on Dec 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2019 by j.tschadaesri-de-esridist


For some weeks, there was the Xamarin beta SDK that I used for accessing feature layers on a feature service stored in the ArcGIS online server.

I used the following command in my Xamarin code to get a ArcGISFeatureServiceInfo class from where I could enumerate the available layers, and also get the full extent of the set of layers:

ArcGISFeatureServiceInfo gisInfos = await ArcGISFeatureServiceInfo.CreateAsync(new Uri(""));

But with the last release of the SDK.NET, the CreateAsync method has disappeared and I did not found until now a way to retrieve this class (that still exists) from the FeatureService url.


Can someone help me resolving this problem ?