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How to define max and min in Collapse Dual Lines To Centerline Roads

Question asked by bsriramak on Dec 11, 2016
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I am having trouble in understanding the max and min in collapse dual lines to centerline. I have two lines running parallel to each other (representing roads in either direction). However, I am only interested in the centerline. I tried Collapse Dual Lines To Centerline. It seems to work for me but not always. the problem seems to be with stating correct values of max and min in the tool. I do no understand how to do this, because sometimes 40m max is good for me sometimes 70m. So one single value does not fix the whole network.


Strangely enough, if I want to do them independently (say selected roads), it is not possible. each time the tool saves the result as a new file. It would have been great if the corrections are saved in the same file. 


My question is: how to understand a good value for max and min so that the whole network is fixed at once. I am always using the min value = zero. The help does not say anything except that both values should be positive and max is a compulsory value. This does not help much. 


Any help to understand these max min values and to solve such problems would be great. 


thank you