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how to get average,max and min from related table on column

Question asked by is499project on Dec 9, 2016
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First, I have no experience in GIS.


I'm using ArcGis desktop and ArcGis web app builder.


I have a layer for neighborhoods and I have a table which is related to neighborhood layer and it have records for transactions of parcels that have been sold inside the neighborhood, the transaction table store these data : 


neighborhoodID,transactionPrice and pricePerMeter .


I will give an example and please help me how to this .


Neighborhood with ID =1 , the user click on it just like Related Table Charts widget to show charts.


I want these chart to calculate the average for all transactionPrice that belongs to neighborhoodID =1 and so on with other operations (avg,max,min..)


I used Related Table Charts widget , it's useless for my case because there is no operation to do on the data.


How to do this ? is there widget for it ? can Arcgis Desktop do it ? please any thing that might help me