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Future of Workforce for ArcGIS?

Question asked by jkelly_5 on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2019 by cgillgrass-esristaff

In future versions of workforce for ArcGIS, with regard to Survey123 integration, are there any plans:

1.)  To have the ability to pass the value of workOrderId to survey123 for ArcGIS?

2.)  Add custom fields to the assignment layer and have the ability to pass the values of those fields to survey123?

3.)  Allow administrator to set which survey123 form is opened based on assignment type?


These are all features we would love to have here in our organization.  We are working on a system that integrates Workforce and Survey123 into an existing piece of software we use for building inspections.

Here is the process in a nutshell:

 -  When a user creates an inspection and assigns it to an employee in our existing software, we have automated the creation of an assignment in workforce.  We set the workforce assignment workOrderId field equal to our inspection_id.

-  The mobile user receives the assignment as per usual, and then to begin their inspection we take advantage of the integration with survey123 (allowing the user to open survey123 from the assignment information screen in workforce).

-  It would be great here, if we could open the electrical inspection form for an electrical inspection assignment type, or open the concrete inspection form for a concrete inspection assignment type.

-  If we could automatically fill out the inspection_id when the survey123 form opened, then we would have a relationship back to the inspection request from the completed inspection.