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Geoprocessing: Apply Symbology fails

Question asked by pan_gis on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by pan_gis

Hi guys,


I've created a model that creates an event layer and then a feature class from a table in SQL

the table is updated every 5 minutes and the geprocessing plots the point at its last location according to the timestamp.

It works.


Now I want to see my custom Symbology. I thought that I should add the tool "apply symbology" and then publish the geoprocessing tool with the map server option checked.


The GP needs to be seen on a WAB map.


the model does the following:

create an events layer, creates a feature class in a scratchGDB (default.gdb for the time being). then I want to apply the symbology and I am not sure the parameter are correct:


the problem is that this points feature it does not exits until I create it.

All the time I validate, the points FC disappears.


If i set my FC as a precondition how can I set a non existing layer as a input. I assume the problem is to be found in the scratchworkspace.


How can I make this working?