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Routes going haywire

Question asked by bgovernanti_CityofCasper on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2016 by jsandhu-esristaff

Has anyone ran into NA creating routes that are way off from the available point locations loaded as stops? This occurs more times than not but sometimes NA creates routes that are not out of the area and appear valid. I'm working in a SQL Express geodatabase since we opted not to have a Network Dataset inside of SDE due to version and replication concerns. The topology comes up clean on the streets being used for a simplistic connectivity and overlap with self checks. GP tool was used to add location values to the point feature. The same input parameters are added to the route and vehicle route problem options. However, I'm changing up those values in hopes of seeing differences in the derived route, e.g. impedance as time or impedance as distance, yes or no on U-turns allowed. One key thing is that I am using a sequence field and preserving that sequence by applying this to the 'sort' option when loading locations. NA appears to be honoring this sequence, however, it has the route beginning at a location that is far off from the actual beginning and the first stop. Any ideas on what could be going haywire? I think that the Network Dataset on the SQL Express has corrupted and I've rebuilt it but with the same result.