Enhancement - Include "outFields" property on applyEdits or addFeatures

Discussion created by ddbradshaw on Dec 17, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2010 by rnarayanan-esristaff
In case anyone from ESRI is listening... The following would be extremely beneficial as an API enhancement:

Include a property "outfields" (or similar) on any of the edititing methods (applyEdits, addFeatures, etc) specifying the fields to be returned on success.  For example, instead of just returning the objectid and globalid when adding new features, it would be extremely beneficial if I could specify the fields I want returned, such as a user maintained ID field.

Otherwise, I find myself adding new features, then immediately having to query the database for the object I just created to gather fields that may have been updated via triggers (for example).  Two calls instead of one can sometimes be expensive.

Maybe there's an undocumented property out there that does this...??