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Are relationships/related tables supported?

Question asked by azatrain on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by azatrain

I've been working with the DOTNET/Xamarin beta API for a while now recreating our existing 10.2.7 DOTNET API mobile mapping application.  I was aware that relationships were not supported in the beta API, and assumed they would be there for the full release.  Based on what I'm seeing in the API and its documentation, it looks like they are still not supported.  


This is a huge functionality gap for us and our customers and will stop us from upgrading to Quartz.  That's a colossal disappointment as there are quite a few new bells and whistles we were looking forward to taking advantage of and have been marketing to our customers for quite some time now.  I am hoping this functionality will be following quickly in a .1 release.  Can someone from Esri confirm what I'm seeing and let me know when we might expect to see relationships supported in the Quartz API?  Thanks ...