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Setback for the Buildings

Question asked by abhishek.sobbana on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by abhishek.sobbana

I have a setback rule for building which helps to give setback from the street and building, the rule is given below


@Order(2) @Range(3,6)
attr distanceStreet = 1
@Order(3) @Range(4,8)
attr distanceBuildings =1


Lot --> Parcel
LotInner --> OpenSpace

Parcel -->
      { streetSide: OpenSpace
      | remainder: SubParcel }

SubParcel -->
   setback(distanceBuildings / 2)
      { noStreetSide: OpenSpace
      | remainder: Building}

OpenSpace --> color("#77ff77")


I want to control the set back from all side differently, something like from left, right, front and back.

It will be helpful if someone can help me out in this.