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Building a Report from Survey123 Data

Question asked by jrflannery on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by jrflannery

Survey123 is a great way to capture information in the field from an easy to create form.  However, the job is not complete until one can take the gathered field data and publish a report. 


Let’s assume that you’re Survey123 data are not being committed to an on-prem enterprise geodatabase, but instead are located in ArcGIS Online.  Your data and related tables plus attachments can be download from ArcGIS Online to you desktop, but now what will you do?


Having a file geodatabase with related tables and perhaps photo attachments, how will you create canned reports?  Will you use the Report Wizard in ArcMap to create a report?  Will you use Microsoft Access to create your report?  How often do you need to download your Survey123 field data from ArcGIS Online?  What is your workflow?


I am interested in hearing from anyone who can share experiences of using Survey123 from field to final report.