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Location Queries: Finding Locations for Vector Data that Meet Criteria

Question asked by jeb828884 on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by jborgion

Hi Everyone, 


I am currently stock on a project that deals with home prices and income in a city and was hoping you may able to provide a bit of insight. I was able to gather census data that provides me with income and home prices by census blocks. I then was able to calculate the price of an 'affordable' home for the income of that census block. This has worked great where i can query which census blocks have affordable homes for residents of that area. 


But for the next step, I have a point layer I have created with major employers in the area. I would like to take the income for the location of that employer (via the census block it falls into) and then calculate how far an individual would have to live AWAY from that block in order to find an affordable home. I am completely stuck on how to calculate the distance because I'm not sure how to create a query that gives "Nearest census block where Average home price  <= X" (Where X is the the affordable home price for the income in the employer block). I'd also ideally like to see this in map format if that is possible. 


I'm not well seasoned with GIS, but I've spent a number of days trying to figure this one out and I'm having a rough time. Would anyone be able to provide me with a suggestion for how best to approach this problem?


Thank you so much!