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"No collectable layers are visible"

Question asked by mitchell_gpsit on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by mtorres_training
  • We have a Feature Service (containing many Feature Classes) which is then accessed by a Web Map.
  • The Feature Service has been configured so that each and every layer can be added or edited. 
  • We add/edit these Feature Classes in the office using a Web App that has been created from a Web Map.
  • Our Field Users access said Web Map using Collector when they are out in the field.
  • There are 16 layers that are available when accessing the Web Map (as stated before, all layers are inside the same feature service).
  • All 16 layers are able to be edited BUT only 15 of these layers are able to be added. We have a certain layer that is only able to be edited, not added.


This is baffling as each of the other 15 layers are able to be added and edited without any problems. A Field User pointed this out as they were unable to find the layer after pressing '+' in Collector yet every other layer was available in that list.


If I:

  1. Access a separate Web Map with only that layer available OR turn off all other layers,
  2. Make sure the layer is visible 
  3. Press '+' to add a feature


I get the following error:

"No collectable layers are visible"

This text displays as an overlay on top of the basemap (Using Android)

I have attached a screenshot of the message, note that the layer is visible (small black circles).


  • I can add the layer without error when using a Web Map or Web App in a browser. This error is only happening when using Collector.


While using collector the Feature Templates for this layer are simply not visible. Our Feature Templates are configured for each domain entry for a relevant field in each layer. e.g. The "Car" Feature Class would have a Feature Template for each entry for the field "Make" (One for "Ferrari", one for "Ford", one for "Mazda").


Layer Capabilities as stated in ArcGIS Rest:

Capabilities: Create,Delete,Extract,Query,Sync,Update,Uploads,Editing


If anyone has any further insight on this it would be much appreciated.