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Cutting rasters to precise extent and cell size

Question asked by QuePID on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by rbormann001

I have four raster layers (DEM, Slope, Aspect, Soils) all in the same GCS (WGS_1984) stored in a geodatabase.


I want to clip all four rasters such that the output will have the same # of rows/columns, X&Y cell size, and extent.  I've had great success in clipping DEM, Slope, and Aspect so that everything matches up.  The issue is with the SOILS raster, which regardless of whether I use Extract By Mask, Clip, or Data Extraction the output raster will differ in number of columns/rows, X&Y cell size, or extent.  When Extracting By Mask, I use DEM, Slope, or Aspect as the mask.


It is imperative that all four rasters match precisely in extent, cell size, and columns/rows in order for me to use the data with MaxEnt.


I've attached screencap of an excel showing the rows/columns, cell size (x & y), and extent for the different data layers.