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Could you help me on TPK using ArcMap?

Question asked by kym19810726 on Dec 6, 2016

Hello, everyone.

I have been working on ArcGIS.

When I build a map using ArcMap, I have fell onto one issue like this.

This is relevant with a symbology and a representation.

Let you think you have one contour data set.

in this case I want to build map that is represent the contour depend it's altitude and  map scale.


    the altitude           R    G     B     width     transparency 

 altitude%50=0      102  162  89       2                 0

altitude%50<>0     102  162  89       1                50%


and when the map scale <1:1000000,     display these contours with only altitude%50=0

and  when the map scale >1:1000000,    display all contours.


I already have worked using the representation on ArcMap.

But My final term is focused on that will use this map on Android as in tpk format.

When I accept to share this map onto in format tpk file, it ignores the representation layer.

Do you have a solution or experience on that?  

If you could reply to my question, I should really appreciate for you. 

Thank you.