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Unable to Enable Enterprise Geodatabase (10.4.1)

Question asked by mruiz on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by mruiz

Hi all, I am having an issue trying to enable the geodatabase (10.4.1):

  1. Oracle 11gR2 64 bits is installed
  2. I could connect from ArcCatalog to the database


But when I try to use the enable tool the message shown is:


Executing: EnableEnterpriseGeodatabase "Database Connections\Connection to gistorde.sde" Z:\keycodes

Start Time: Fri Nov 25 10:51:11 2016

Validated authorization file.

User has required privileges for geodatabase setup.

XML support is enabled for the database instance.

[Underlying DBMS error]

See the setup log in the following location for additional error information:


Could not create  geodatabase tables and stored procedures.

Failed to execute (EnableEnterpriseGeodatabase).

Failed at Fri Nov 25 10:51:13 2016 (Elapsed Time: 1,40 seconds)


And the sde_setup.log says:

[Fri Nov 25 10:51:12 2016]

ST_Geometry is not installed.[Fri Nov 25 10:51:12 2016] Instance initialized for ((sde)) . . .


[Fri Nov 25 10:51:12 2016] Error creating VERSION table. (-51)

DBMS error code: 1950

ORA-01950: no existen privilegios en tablespace 'SDE'


[Fri Nov 25 10:51:12 2016] SDE schema object install not completed.

[Fri Nov 25 10:51:12 2016] ERROR installing/upgrading ArcSDE, Error = -51



Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,