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Synchronize Replica Failed | ORA-3114: not connected to Oracle

Question asked by jilkahitesh on Dec 5, 2016
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ArcSDE v. 10.3

RDBMS: Oracle Db Enterprise 12c (


We have replicas with full extent and some with extent to their city boundaries.


Full extent replica synchronizes successfully even if I sync it in same day or after few days or even a week.


Extent based replica synchronizes successfully if I sync in same day or a gap of two days. But if I skip sync for more days (say 4 days) it fails with error "ORA-03114 not connected to Oracle" error after processing data. As there is loads of transactions saved daily, thus size of data transfer increases and as per my understanding, for extent boundaries replicas, data filtering before transfer causes long wait and thus results in error. It took more than 4 hours to filter data and then sync failed. Attached error screenshot FYR...


There is no connection timeout configuration done on Oracle side. 


Will anyone please help me whether its a bug or any connection settings need to be done to prevent the same error.