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Align Terrain to Shape.., not working?

Question asked by FerTUMno56jur on Dec 3, 2016

Hi Everyone!

I'm working on a project for the university, where I need to align a terrain to a shape (Terrain_before). At the beginning was everything wonderfull and working, and now at the last steps I can't align the terrain to the shape .

At first, i could align the terrain to the shape, but i wanted to get a smoother crossing between the both, so I redone it several times. Many times later I wanted to try it again, and now is the result "wrong"(Terrain_after), in other words.., such an outcome is not possible .


Thank you very much for the help!!!




PD: Does someone knows why a CGA file from CityEngine 2012 doesn't works in the new CityEngine (2016.1)?