Topo to Raster with Coastline clip: Extent fail 10092

Discussion created by falinski on Dec 4, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2016 by Dan_Patterson

Hello everyone,


I've never gotten this tool to work right.  I am trying to get bathymetry point data to a contour using Topo to Raster.  However, I want to constrain the possible interpolation to not include the coastline.  I've clipped both the coastline layer and the point data to the same extent, and am using "Point Elevation" and "Coastline" as my choices for input data.


No matter what I do (if I change the extent in the Environment, if I choose any larger or smaller or default extent in the tool), I cannot get the tool to run.  It doesn't even have the courtesy to give me an error - it just hangs.  The error message is then "10092: Invalid output extent".  


I *can* get the tool to run if I don't use the coastline file - but then I have contours running all over the land.  


I've had this problem for years.  Anyone can help?