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Question regarding 1) projections, and 2) workflows needed to produce a grid across a region

Question asked by mistermeats on Dec 1, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by profsnow

Hello all! 

I am currently picking up on the research of another colleague and am trying to map out, from excel data, what is meant to be a grid (of equal sized rectangles) on ArcMap 10.4. I've attached the data-set here but am at odds on which projection system to choose. Clearly, the overlapping points represent the UTM boundaries of Ontario, but my different attempts at using the UTM zones in each doesn't seem to display correctly. 


The second part of my question would be on how to construct the actual grid in ArcMap.  Given that the points displayed represent the center of each grid cell, would tessellate be the most appropriate tool in this place? The actual dimensions of the cells are unknown and therefore have to be deduced geo-spatially. 


Thanks in advance to everyone who comes upon this post.