Identify which points are in which grid cell - is it possible?

Discussion created by stroy on Dec 16, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2010 by rachouminou
Hi all,

I'm a fairly new ArcGIS user hoping that I might be able to get some assistance with what seems like a straightforward question.... 

I have a grid layer and a point layer. Each point represents a trap that was set for an animal, and the grid represents the animal's presence/absence. In my preceding analysis I used the sample tool to extract raster values to the presence/absence grid. In a nutshell, I now need to know which traps fall within each grid cell. Each grid cell "contains" between 1 and about 200 points.

I'd like the output as a table that lists first the grid and then the point attributes, for example:

Cell Id   Trap No
1          1
1          11
1          79
1          222
1          4
2          13
2          6
3          53
3          21
3          182

In my mind the function I would like to use is kind of the opposite of the extract tool - instead of assigning raster values to points, I want to assign point attributes to each raster. Is there a way to do this in ArcGIS 9.2?

Many thanks