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Discussion created by gbwater on Nov 30, 2016
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I am trying to figure out how at our IT & Security Seminar for WiAWWA, which is going to be held at a College Campus, that I can offer online training courses for ESRI products and still make enough money to cover the costs for them to attend (lunch, prizes).  These are for the most Water Utilities in Wisconsin that attend our committee seminars and Wisconsin Section Annual Conferences. EWUG had a set up similiar where it was just laptops and manuals with links to self paced online training. And I would like to incorporate specific software topics at each seminar with a presenter.  Where do I start, ESRI? AWWA? A local vendor of software? ESRI Water Utilities? Is there someone specific to ESRI and AWWA? David Totman esritraining #AWWA