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Local Government Information Model in SQL Server

Question asked by jesse.mardis_CityofGallatin on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by jborgion

I am a new LGIM user in city government that is just getting started in the implementation process (or attempting to, anyway).  The intent is to gradually move all city data to the model.  Currently, all of our data is in SQL Server and we would like it to stay there.  Does anyone have any experience/tips on the best practice for implementing LGIM in SQL Server?  For example, should I create a LGIM local gdb, move our data there, then port to SQL Server or should I create the LGIM in SQL Server and manipulate the data there?  My apologies if this question or a similar question has been asked.  It would seem the most difficult step in implementing the LGIM is actually getting started.  Any helpful tips on best practices or good beginning steps would be appreciated as well.


Thank you!