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I cannot publish surveys to portal, always get error "Code: 500 - Service Hosted/service_xxxxxxxx/FeatureServer not found".

Question asked by jreyesgallo on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by DUrbach-esristaff

I am using Portal 10.4.1 and Survey123Connect 1.9.24.  This happens every time.


I created a new form with three fields, a text, a decimal and a geopoint.  This is the message:

It seems the folder is created in Portal with a single item as the feature layer:


We just upgraded to 10.4.1 and do not have previous surveys running in portal, so I created the basic form mentioned before (attached).


We were never able to published surveys to Portal 10.3.1 but remember this was an issue when publishing; it was resolved by adding the Server URL to the registered info for Survey123.  I do not see the edit option anymore as the app is now registered by default.


Any suggestions?