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Common Polygon Question

Question asked by progis99 on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by progis99

Is there a way around for me to do find common polygons ? What am I trying to do is to find the common polygons that have both the same label and are next to each other they needed to be merge into one polygon.


Right now the only way around for me is to run a dissolve and use by the field to dissolve them. Then I ran and use the tool Split them by using the split field name. I then bring them to Arcmap to go through to ensure each polygon from field name (MUID) , so they don't touch each other...


Some of the layer may have a lot of them in cluster and some of them are far apart. When they are far apart, I remove them.


Is there a script for that ? or Is there a better method to do around than that I am doing ?


So here is the scope of what I am doing here:


1. dissolve the layer using the field name ie MUID

2. Use split tool the dissolve layer using the MUID

3. Bring them to ArcMap to review each split layer to look for common polygons.

4. If there is no common polygon found then remove it from the Table of Content.

5) If the common polygon is found, keep it in the table of contents.

6) Return to the Original data I worked on and compare with the common polygon found.