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Collector (iOS version) always snaps GPS to nearest road

Question asked by Joez on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by mikedmanak

Collector 10.4.0 running on iPad isn't displaying the true GPS position, but instead always snaps to the nearest road. Apparently location services does this to provide neater maps/ more accurate driving directions but it is no good for field data collection. Any ideas on how to use the true GPS stream instead?


This article makes reference to it:

“Snap To Road” in iOS 6 breaks accurate GPS recording | ilquest 

and indicates that it only occurs when moving at 'vehicular speeds', but I noticed it while walking.


This post

Jeffrey Friedl's Blog » The Scourge (or Beauty) of “Snap To Road” with iPhone Location-Tracking Apps 

includes some Apple developer documentation regarding the issue, but no fix...