Mosaic dataset TIF file replacement

Discussion created by stain3565 on Nov 30, 2016
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We have a system that currently has a mosaic dataset in SQL Server 2008 R2 that is accessing a folder of the full UK TIF files for 10K Rasters. These TIF files are now outdated and so we have been asked to replace the current TIF raster files with a full UK copy of OS Vector MAP TIF files. It appears that the filenames and details are identical, it is just that the actual maps in the rasters are more up-to-date. Everything else appears to be the same format.


I will be required to quote for the work and this assumes I understand what is the simplest method. Currently, I just have instructions for creating the mosaic dataset in SQL (using ArcMAP) from scratch. 


My question is, if I simply replace entirely the existing folders with the new folders of data in Windows and, assuming these are identical in structure, down to folder and file names, will the mosaic dataset simply pick up these new rasters without any other work or do I need to carry out some extra actions to ensure the mosaic dataset uses the new files?