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AGSMapView replacement for maxEnvelope in version 100.0

Question asked by ZettaIP on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by DGoyal-esristaff

Hello all,


When i used the 10.2.5 version of the ArcGIS framework, i could write the following code to limit the maximum zoom out of the map view :


localMapView.maxEnvelope = [AGSEnvelope envelopeWithXmin:XMIN ymin:YMIN xmax:XMAX ymax:YMAX spatialReference:localMapView.spatialReference] ;


i wonder what is the replacement of the maxEnvelope property on the 100.0 version, and how it can be used?
i noticed there is a "
visibleArea" property but it is readonly, so any help would be appreciated .  

Thank you!