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Discussion created by dkapell on Dec 16, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2010 by MarkShymanski
I'm converting a model from v9 to v10 so I have to convert some code from VBA to Python.  I'm trying to take a small number from variable Joint_Count, create a rate per 100,000 and put the results in a field called CountProp.  I can't divide into 0 so when Joint_Count=0, CountProp should also be 0.

VBA code that worked:
dim CountP as double
if [Join_count] = 0 then
else countP= ([Join_count] / [POP2005])*100000
end if

Field name: CountProp
Expression: doCount(!Join_Count!)

code (the last of many iterations)

def doCount(Join_Count):
  if  !Join_Count! = 0:
  elif !Join_Count!>0:
  return TempNum

I get error 000989, parsing error: invalid syntax (line 3)

Any help would be appreciated