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Import or Create New Relationship Class

Question asked by chdhckmn on Nov 28, 2016

I have a File Geodatabase in which Feature Classes have associated Attachments (PDF's). Previously, when a polygon of the feature class was selected you could view the corresponding attachment (PDF).


The relationship class did not carry over from the import, I am wondering if I can "recreate" that relationship? (ArcGIS 10.3, Windows 7).


You can see that the relationship between the top table (PDF) & bottom table (polygons) are based on OBJECT ID


* The top table is the "attachment (PDF) table" and the bottom table is the polygon table. You can see the relationship is built on OBJECT ID. I am wanting to recreate a new relationship class so that the attachments (PDF) can be view when using the "identify tool" and/or selecting the polygon. There can be several PDF's for each polygon record.