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StoryMaps layers are inaccessible

Question asked by mhmuller_aganewtwn on Nov 27, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by sig03

StoryMaps layers are inaccessible when I review the maps with MyStories (hosted on Portal 10.4.1). The storymaps were working fine a few months back, and now they do not work. When I test the StoryMaps, they occasionally say "accessible" for a little bit and then revert to "inaccessible". ESRI-SouthAfrica has spent two full afternoons sitting at my desk and trying to identify the problem and they cannot. Every is accessed via Https, we have tried using the web adaptor and the direct server address, EI, Chrome and Firefox give the same error. I have tried all sorts of different sharing setting combinations. I am stumped and extremely frustrated and would really appreciate some advice!