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Unable to bind GraphicOverlays collection

Question asked by mangoyoga on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by mangoyoga

I'm currently working on the "old" runtime, and am considering updating to the 100.0 release. I have not yet made the update, but experience a limitation with not being able to bind a graphics collection to GraphicsLayer. It appears I can only add graphics directly from the view, but as my Graphics live in a collection of my viewmodel in the current implementation, it is not very tempting to make the upgrade at the moment. Looking at a few of the Tips & Tricks from the DevSummit 2016, there are several options for making point clustering by implementing an IEnumerable<Graphics>, but I can't see how to do this using the new quartz release. Any suggestions, or expectations that there will be a bindable GraphicsSource on the GraphicsLayer in the near future?