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geodabase replication 9.3.1 <-> 10.4.1 <-> 10.4.1

Question asked by DanDanAus on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2016 by jborgion

Dear all,


I have an interesting question and wanted to check if this is practically and technically possible. I have a 9.3.1 geodatabase thats MS SQL that i need to keep in sync with a publications 10.4.1 database - MS SQL. Also i need to keep the 10.4.1 publications database in sync with another 10.4.1 edits database. So in total there are 3 enterprise geodatabase in place. 


Has anyone attempted anything similar in the past? 


My main concerns is with the number of bidirectional replications if anything would be affected. As long as i time then in the right sequence i think should be ok but just wanted to check and if anyone has a better way.